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How Laminate Wood Flooring is Superior

Laminate Floors Come in Various ColorsLaminate wood flooring is, in some ways, superior to solid wood. While solid wood can be refinished more times, laminated wood can last just as long if it is properly cared for.

Before making your final flooring selection, understand the true benefits you can enjoy when laminate is the choice.

Exotic Woods

Solid wood flooring in oak or maple is still affordable. Solid wood flooring in tigerwood, olive tree and jatoba is incredibly expensive. When you love the deeper grain and amazing patterns that are enjoyed with rare woods, laminate is the best choice both financially and environmentally.


Even solid wood floors can buckle and warp under the right condition. Laminated flooring involves gluing and layering several pieces together. Because the grains are crossed at each section, the end result is a product that exceeds the strength of solid wood with its single grain. Problems with splitting are virtually eliminated.


Choose solid wood and you have to carefully examine every single piece for wormholes and tiny knots. Those knots will eventually dry out in your home and crumble, leaving open holes in your wood. Laminated flooring is carefully built and each piece of wood applied to the finished top is chosen based on its high quality.

Laminate wood flooring won’t be the choice for everyone. However, when you want something different, it’s the best choice. It’s also superior to wood in strength and overall quality.

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