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Hardwood Flooring Styles for your Home

Hardwood Flooring There is nothing boring or bland about the different hardwood flooring choices available.  Available in countless colors, you have a wide range of hardwood flooring styles to consider. From gorgeous medallions to impressive borders, there is no limit to how you can improve your home with cool flooring styles.


Draw attention to the center of your foyer and highlight a chandelier with a stunning medallion.  Flanked on all sides with hardwood, the medallion creates an incredible wood style that will add interest to any large area.   Make your kitchen island the star of the show with an impressive medallion, or add variety to a bland hallway.


Appropriate for use in any size space, borders are beautiful hardwood floor styles that add character and class.  Outline the unique shape of a room, draw attention to key areas or highlight a conversation area with the smart use of borders.  Custom installed by professionals, borders are an often-neglected flooring style that can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room.


From a starburst to a cool herringbone, wood styles aren’t limited to neat horizontal rows of wood.  Have the wood laid out on an angle to keep things interesting.  Have two different species used to create a geometric pattern.  Choose an overlaid design that looks like an impressive area rug.  The hardwood styles you can create are limitless when you use different colors, grains and directions to craft stunning patterns.

Plank Width

One factor that drastically affects wood flooring styles is the width of boards.  Narrow boards and wide boards create very different look.  Traditionally, a more narrow board looks more sophisticated, and wider boards feel more rustic.  The perception dates back to the days when narrow boards cost more to produce, and it can help you create the right feel for your home.


If you appreciate historical homes and love the rustic look of wood that has watched the years march by, then you can achieve the perfect look with the hand-scraped wood floor style.  Featuring dimples, dips and scratches, these floors have personality that perfect floors cannot quite match.  Labor intensive, this flooring style can cost a little more, but the cost is worth it if you are looking that rustic feel and natural look.

Color Combinations

The colors combining on your floor don’t have to create a specific pattern.  Random color variations represent a flooring style of their own.  The allure of some species is that incredible shift in colors seen in the wood grain.


The finish you choose has a profound impact on what the final flooring style will be.  Glossy finishes are great in contemporary settings, and they are also beautiful with traditional designs.  However, there are times when a rustic, muted finish is the better choice.  Another way to customize your home and put your own unique stamp on it, you should put careful thought into the finish that will grace your floor.

There are countless wood flooring styles for you to consider.  From the species of wood to the patterns you can create, wood floors will help you personalize your home and make it truly yours.  Choose the finish that matches your style, and consider adding beautiful medallions or borders for incredible interest.  You will love how the floor looks, and you will love knowing that it’s a little different from other wood floors in the area.


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