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Red Oak Hardwood Floors are Durable and Beautiful

Don't let the word 'red' fool you. Red Oak hardwood flooring isn't necessarily the color of the floor itself but the type of wood that's used. Depending on how it's created, red oak hardwood floors can come in a light tan color all the way to a darker reddish hue.

Red Oak hardwood flooring is truly exquisite to see and because of the color variations available it works in practically every room of the house from the basement to the kitchen. Since oak hardwood floors are so durable they also stand up to heavy traffic and are an excellent choice for those that want the luxury of hardwood but also have young kids at home.

Dependable, red oak hardwood is a popular choice on today's market because of its versatility. Like all of DirectBuy's hardwood flooring, it also features an aluminum-oxide enriched finish for superior resistance to abrasive wear, as well as enhanced stain and moisture resistance. Because of this, your flooring can last up to seven times longer than conventional hardwood finishes with proper care.

Special Characteristics Of Red Oak Hardwood Floors:

Red oak flooring gives your floors a distinctive look of style and sophistication.

Color: Light to Dark, reddish-brown/tan.

Grain: Classic or Rustic grains are available.

Characteristics: Since it is a strong and sturdy flooring, red oak can be placed on, above or below grade for any room in the house. Also good for high traffic areas and is 'kid friendly'.

Finishing: An aluminum-oxide enriched finish is applied for superior resistance to abrasive wear which helps it have a longer life with proper care.

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